Japanese Facial Massage

Skin beauty is a fundamental necessity as it’s a boost for self-confidence. Japanese women receive most remarks on their beautiful skin that has a consistent tone and seemingly unblemished; all of this should be attributed to the careful and cautious skincare routines that they carefully observe. Facial massage takes more than the aspect of being attentive but convenience as well. The point of satisfaction may be attributed to self-conducted home facial massage. Most of the Japanese women consider home Massage as the core to obtaining the desired results besides the double moisturizing and the double cleansing. For facial massage you can find a lot of shiatsupractor that are willing to travel to your location this mobile massage in Vancouver will be glad to serve you.

Massage Effects

Massage is an essential procedure that helps in the improvement of blood circulation in the blood vessels, this, in turn, contributes to retaining a beautiful and healthy skin.

There is approximately thirty different muscles placed beneath the head and the face that are most used during speeches and facial expressions composure.

As muscles serve their designated roles of executing expressions and motions, they utilize the energy stored in the skin leading to the production of waste products.

Regular massage ensures that there is sufficient blood flow to help the waste product removal among other functions that shield the facial skin from unhealthy tendencies. Japanese Facial Massage Vancouver is here to ensure the skin firmness and resilience is improved and retained.

Facial Massage Techniques

  • Direction of the massage motions; this ensures that the Massage is directed harmoniously with the natural positioning of the muscles as maximum benefits are derived therein.
  • Pressure applied; the pressure applied during a massage should be by the respective regions as regions vary on toughness and softness. For instance, the facial contours and the cheeks require more pressure that the area surrounding the eyes.
  • Massage speed; blood circulation is an important aspect of the massage sessions, this, therefore, implies that the motion and the speed of the fingers need to be synchronized with the pulse rate.

There are a few precautions to observe on massage sessions as well; it is necessary to avoid facial massage in the following circumstances;

  • When physically exhausted
  • When Inflamed skin by an extended UV exposure
  •  When Suffering from inflammation burns, boils or acne
  • When experiencing a fever and cuts on the skin

How to conduct the massage

Use massage cream; they prevent friction on the face and enhance the motions

Have a massage scheduled as it is not necessary to have one session on a daily basis. The skin tone and condition should set the right program as sensitive or robust.

Basic steps to observe during Japanese Facial Massage sessions

Apply gentle motions thoroughly from above the forehead towards the bottom of the neck. After washing the face gently, dry off the water on the skin with a soft towel, add massage cream roughly 3g and warm it on the palms then rub it on the face.


  • Apply the cream with the face fully cupped in the palms
  • Make a spiral massage motion from the center outwards
  • Close the eyes and massage gently with outwards motion on the upper lids and slightly spiral movements on the lower lids while including the nose in downward motions
  • Make spiral motions on the cheeks then cup the whole face and make outward movements to relax the skin.


Japanese facial massage Vancouver BC has adopted a successful portfolio and has become the desire of many to have that adorable skin tone. With the directions above and the coordination of a personal schedule, the desired results are obtainable.

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